Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

"Recent research suggests that at least 40% of those moving into a new role will fail. For CEO's the statistic is closer to 60%. "Every organization can benefit from a process of succession planning, to ensure the development of people capable of providing the leadership required for an organization to achieve its goals, without reliance on external recruitment."


- New Role, New Reality, by John O. Burdett -

Executive Coaching

Executive Development Coaching


Our Executive Development Coaching service provides executives with access to a coach who is an accomplished C-level executive. We specialize in executive development, applying an approach that identifies and builds upon peoples innate talents and strengths. Each coaching relationship is tailored to meet the unique needs and expectations of each client.  

Integration Coaching


When an executive moves to a new role, integration into the new environment or job can be challenging. Integration Coaching, also known as on-boarding, is available to help executives successfully transition.



In a competitive global marketplace, leaders who can effectively collaborate and generate solutions will have a sustainable competitive edge. Our Team Coaching develops the capacity of leadership teams to successfully mobilize their organizations.

Performance Improvement Coaching


This program provides a means to expeditiously address situations where challenges in a leader's performance, behaviour or relationships may lead to derailment. Our Performance Improvement Coaching delivers significant positive change in performance and effectiveness.

Leadership Development

Facilitation for your Leadership Team


Effective leadership teams share a common vision and core values, communicate expectations clearly and precisely, provide timely and direct feedback, hold people accountable for their commitments, and sustain healthy interdependent relationships.  Our approach takes into account the particular goals, environment and dynamics of each leadership group, deals with the development and execution of a custom strategic framework and confronts the special requirements of and dynamics inherent with leadership "teams".    ​

Succession Management


Every organization can benefit from a formal process of succession planning, to ensure the development of people capable of providing the leadership required for an organization to achieve its goals.  Our succession planning process will not only identify key management positions, develop role descriptions and profile the requisite technical and behavioural competencies.  Beyond planning, we deveop a Succession Management Process – a means to identify key players and high potentials, design developmental roles for future leaders, and ensure the organization grows and evolves to accommodate and retain exceptional high performing talent. ​

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