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Why Quality is Critical in Executive Search



The cost of a wrong executive hire can result in staggering losses for a company.  When hiring executive and board level positions, business leaders can take one of three general approaches to hiring executive level personnel:  executive search consulting, contingent recruiters, or in-house recruiting.

While executive search consulting and contingent recruiting are often thought of interchangeably, they differ greatly in their methodology, target assignments and overall value for both clients and candidates.


The best executive search firms partner with clients, providing deep expertise in the industries, functional roles and geographies in which their clients operate.  

Harris is proud to be a member of AESC.

Keith Sinclair launches his CEO Forum Group after MacKay CEO Forum Breakfast 



Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Keith Sinclair, HLS CEO, launched his MacKay CEO Forum Manitoba 02 group, immediately following a well attended breakfast event at the Manitoba Club with over 75 CEOs and Senior Executives in attendance.  Nancy MacKay was the featured speaker, who provided a thought provoking presentation on time mastery and life balance.


MacKay CEO Forums is an organization that fosters accelerated CEO performance through peer learning. With a strict focus on confidentiality, up to 14 carefully-matched, high-achieving CEOs come together to learn from each other, and to help each other deal with their toughest issues and challenges.

Meeting seven times per year, MacKay CEO Forums is Canada’s highest impact and least time-intensive peer group for results-oriented CEOs and Executives. Each group is led by a professional Forum Chair who is an accomplished “trusted advisor” to CEOs.


Keith Sinclair receives prestigious SHAD award! 



Friday, October 27, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Upon Keith Sinclair's retirement from the SHAD Board of Directors, David D. Hay, Chair of the Board of Directors, named Keith an honorary SHAD Fellow.  Keith first became involved with SHAD in 1983 as an employer sponsor.  He initiated a Manitoba operating committee to support SHAD development from 1989 - 1992,  and later joined the Board of Directors.  He served 14 years on the Board, 5 of which he served as Chair.

SHAD is a registered Canadian charity that empowers exceptional high school students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. 

WH Hire a Classic Error Says Expert

ATLANTA, GA. Aug 2, 2017  -- The short White House career of Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci is a text-book example of how not to hire an executive, says a top recruiter.


“The President apparently made a “gut decision” on this one,” says Larry Shoemaker, President of Cornerstone International Group, a global executive search firm. “More objective processes by a professional recruiter would have revealed the weaknesses which resulted in Mr. Scaramucci’s early departure.”

A brief tenure as White House Communication Director ended after only 10 days marked by offensive and undisciplined public remarks by the new hire.


Writing in the Cornerstone Blog this week,  Shoemaker cautions to leave your emotions at the door if you want to hire the best talent.  Going “with your gut” is a recipe for disaster when you’re looking for that change-maker.

“New tools and techniques can give you tremendous insight into a person’s potential if you know how to use them,” he says. “Why would you think your instincts are more reliable?”


A 25-year veteran of executive search, Shoemaker also owns local recruiter Shoemaker & Associates, one of 45 member firms that make up Cornerstone International Group.  The group offers integrated search and leadership development services across 35 countries.

Shoemaker’s blog post lists five critical steps in defining how successful a potential hire will be in a given organization.  All five steps fall under Preparation.


“The time invested in clarifying the role, describing ideal candidates, and establishing the selection criteria ensures that emotions only play an appropriate part of the hiring decision, not a dominant one,” he says.

Shoemaker’s five steps consider not only the candidate’s immediate suitability but also how the organization’s vision is going to fit into the candidate’s career goals.   Here is a summary of the five points:

  • Identify what you expect from the role – what success will look like, both in 90 days and in the years ahead

  • Understand what a candidate should have accomplished to be qualified

  • Know the important traits/characteristics an individual should have to be effective in the role and in your culture

  • Consider how your vision for the role fits the candidate’s career goals

  • Be willing to think outside the box: you may meet unique candidates who cause you to consider deviating from your original target profile.  Having flexibility is always good.  If you do change from the original target, be aware of the reason, and acknowledge what you anticipate the change to deliver. 


Click here to read the full post. 




Tami Fitzpatrick

Executive Assistant

Cornerstone International Group

5 Tips To Foster A Good Company Culture


June 13, 2017 -- In this short video Keith Sinclair, Harris Leadership Strategies' President & CEO shares ways to foster a good company culture. ​


Brought to you by Jeff Golfman from, The Raw Office and Health At Work

Harris Leadership Strategies - Proud to be a member of Cornerstone International Group!




SHANGHAI, CN , May 11, 2017 -- Cornerstone International Group has been named in the top 20 of America’s Best Executive Search Firms 2017 by Forbes, publisher of Forbes, Forbes Asia, Forbes Europe and

It was the second nomination for Cornerstone which in April 2016 ranked Cornerstone as one of the top 7 firms in a list of the Best Management Consulting Firms in Executive Search.

Cornerstone International Group is an Executive Search and Leadership Development organization. It has member offices in 35 countries with headquarters here in Shanghai and also in Atlanta, Ga.

Forbes, a global media brand, reports on financial issues as well as technology, communications, science, politics, and law.  The company, which has been described as the “home page for the world’s business leaders” celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

To compile the list of Best Management Consulting firms, Forbes collaborated with online statistics provider Statista which conducted two online surveys.  The first was made up of 7,286 partners and project managers and the second surveyed 1,316 management consultancy clients.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by Forbes in this way,” says Simon Wan, Chairman and CEO of Cornerstone International Group. “I believe the Forbes rankings are considered among the most credible by the industries in which we compete.  I hope they have a great anniversary!”

Cornerstone International Group was founded 27 years ago and comprises over 200 consultants in 63 locations.  For more information, visit



Simon Wan

Chairman & CEO

Cornerstone International Group.

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