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Harris Leadership Strategies has provided Executive Search services since 1981. Our Executive Search process is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to locating and attracting management and leadership talent. We follow a well-developed and thorough process that has proven effective in identifying the best candidates with the best fit. Additionally, we follow the highest standards and ethics set by AESC, our national and international executive search partners. We take time to learn our clients' unique requirements and situation, and to ensure we deliver the results their organization needs - we regularly go beyond our search mandate to help your organization adjust to the new transition through coaching and consulting.

By engaging our Executive Search service, you can be confident that we will put in the work to find you a great candidate. It is highly unlikely that "someone in the hopper" will just happen to be your "dream employee", and it would be foolish to assume that this is how the industry works. We approach executive search as a due diligence process, matching your organization's needs with candidates' proven qualifications; you can rest assured that we will carry out our full process to find you candidates who possess the required experience and credentials and who share your values. We are so confident that we will find you the right candidate that we stand by and back our services with
 one of the best guarantees in Canada.

Executive Search


Our Differentiators 


  • A team approach to all search assignments provides a broad range of experience and knowledge

  • Accomplished consultants who are former industry executives from private and public sectors

  • Psychometric Assessments as part of standard process (no additional fee) 

  • Integration Coaching by certified executive coaches, as part of standard process (no additional fee) 

  • Transparency: we provide an honest perspective on our candidates and will never "push" or "sell" candidates to our clients

  • The best full search guarantee offered in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

  • We specialize in serving organizations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan while maintaining a national and international reach through Cornerstone International and VF Career Management.

Does Harris specialize in an industry? 


We are asked on a regular basis if our firm specializes in any particular industry; to which we respond with "Yes, ALL of them". The determination of leadership attributes is not industry dependent. 


Harris follows an extremely thorough and successful process that is applicable to every industry, and is most effective at the executive level. Our competitive advantage is our ability to understand your business and your leadership requirements.  


For over 35 years, Harris has filled senior management and executive level positions in multiple industries and sectors, including: education, social and health services, Banking/Credit Unions, Manufacturing, Performing Arts, Government, Non-Profit, Legal/Lawyers, and more!

A True Executive Search Firm


Our team is comprised of accomplished executives from various industries. Our principals have been clients of Recruitment Firms and know how to deliver our services to best meet your organization's needs. Our firm has delivered this premium service for over 35 years. We have the experience, capacity, and horsepower to find the right person for your organization.

Reach and Thoroughness


We take pride in the quality and thoroughness of our work. These qualities alone help differentiate us from the rest, and exceed our client's expectations. The thoroughness of our search includes the active sourcing of passive candidates, but also includes reference checks, assessments, and assisting with candidate integration at no added cost. 

With a broad national reach through our affiliates in Cornerstone Canada, and Cornerstone International Group, our search services extend across Canada and around the globe.

Psychometric Assessments and Thorough Reference Checking


Harris offers the largest selection of psychometric assessments for professional use in Manitoba and Saskatchewan that comply with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Many of the assessments we offer can only be used by highly educated and qualified professionals in accordance with the ethical and professional standards of the American Psychological Association.  We use clinical assessments that are available only to professionals who are trained to administer, score and interpret psychological tests. Our psychometric assessments give you an understanding of your candidates' personality and soft skills. 


To complete our comprehensive evaluation of candidates, we also conduct extremely thorough  360° reference checks on finalist candidates before you finalize your offer.


Together with our psychometric assessments and thorough reference checks, we provide you with information to help you decide which individual is a cultural fit for your organization. 

Integration Coaching


When an executive moves to a new organization or a new department within the same organization, often integration into the new environment is not a seamless process. Quite often a new role in a new environment requires adjustments to new personalities and relationships, as wells as adjusting to an unfamiliar organizational culture and/or processes.   Integration Coaching, also known as "on-boarding", is available to help executives transition into a new role.


Our value added integration coaching service provides organizations with access to one of our certified coaches who have operational C-level experience. Each coaching relationship is tailored to meet the unique needs and expectations of each client.  Appointments can be arranged to fit the demanding schedule of an executive, before, during or after regular working hours.

Retained Search Firm:
The Difference


Harris Leadership Strategies is a proud retained executive search firm. To read about the difference between Retained Executive Search versus Contingency Recruitment, please follow the link below.

Member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC)


We apply the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines of the AESC which are recognized to be the highest level of certification in the Executive Search industry.  Harris is committed to living by these stringent ethics and guidelines to provide exceptional service and results.

Fee and Guarantee
Have a immediate or temporary need for an Executive?


Harris Interim Executives (HIE) is Winnipeg's premier short-term, senior level executive contractor service. We temporarily contract and assign our roster of highly accomplished senior level executives to organizations who require immediate hands-on expertise on a project, assignment or interim basis for a specified period of time. Our HIE Principals have functional credentials in executive leadership, general management, finance, HR, IT, logistics/supply chain, marketing, project management, and more.

Search Fee and Guarantee


Harris is a retained search firm.  Our search fees are quoted on a project basis, related to the estimated scope, complexity and nature of each individual search project. Our approach enables us to provide objective advice on salary and related matters without concern for conflict of interest (our fee isn't based on your future candidate's salary).


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Given the high success rate of our searches and the exceptional satisfaction of candidates and clients, we are able to offer the most extensive guarantee in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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