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Strategic Thinking/Planning

Planning for your Organization's Future


Whatever our ambitions may be, we are better able to accomplish our goals when we detail the steps to achieve results and consider inter-connected requirements that must be in place to drive performance. Organizations - for-profit, government, or non-profit - are no different, which is why strategic planning is such a critical business undertaking.

"Strategic Planning" defined:

  • Developing a plan of attack to achieve specific results based on:

    • Strengthening effective practices

    • Abandoning or changing ineffective practices

    • Taking calculated risks based on the best information available

Strategic Planning is not just about increasing sales, improving your brand, or focusing solely on the bottom line; it requires a holistic approach considering many factors before settling on the final plan.

To move forward in executing your plan, all of your company’s inner workings must move in the same direction. 

“Focus on the critical few, not the insignificant many.”


A funnel showng what is need to plan fo the futur
The Value Offered by Harris Leadership Strategies


  • Applying a customized approach that includes:

    • Examining the internal and external environment

    • Soliciting diverse stakeholder input

    • Challenging strategic thinking, and

    • Creating tools and communication protocols to support a "living" plan

  • Establishing or revising a compelling core purpose or vision that drives strategic choices

  • Facilitating discussions to consider your company's strengths and weaknesses including the "elephant's in the room" which are often avoided

  • Continuing support as you move along this complex journey to make decisions (sometimes difficult ones) to achieve your organizational goals

  • Filtering through complex business matters to identify strategic possibilities is what we do best


We are excited to be part of your journey.

Business Improvement

Organizational Development
Improving Operational Performance


Whether your organization is experiencing dramatic growth or struggling to understand why you aren’t achieving the results you desire, Harris Leadership Strategies will collaborate with you to:  

  •  Identify the root cause of issues

  •  Create solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness

  •  Build and support go-forward implementation plans   

 Our key services include:  

  •  Business Improvement

  •  Change Management

  •  Organization Surveys

Business Improvement


Companies are always in a state of evolution – whether achieving higher levels of performance or adjusting to changing work/industry dynamics.  To keep up with change, organization structures and business processes must also adapt to support the achievement of goals. 

An outside perspective offers the insight to identify opportunities and pinpoint the problems so you can make those specific changes that deliver the most value.  Companies we work with often know what the problem is, but just don’t have the time, external perspective or internal capabilities to resolve the issues.  ​

a graph showing how we deliver custom designed, action oriented solutions
Change Management


Change management is much more than changing processes.  Often times, the biggest hurdle is obtaining "buy-in" from your employees and ensuring they have the proper emotional support from your leaders.

Change management is a structured approach to successfully managing organizational change from the people perspective, so that positive outcomes can be achieved.  Working with your leadership team, we can help your organization transition through a number of different roles.  

a pie chart showing Harris role in change management process
Organizational Surveys


We conduct Organizational Surveys when you want to:

  • measure employee engagement

  • involve your stakeholders in dialog

  • create a plan of action

  • seek specific input on performance and growth 


When conducted by a credible third party, Organizational Surveys can assure anonymity and produce valuable insights.   In consultation with you, we create, administer and tabulate data and opinions to provide the information you need to make critical decisions.

The confidential responses are an excellent source of information to hear your stakeholders’ and employees’ voices to understand problems and options for improvement. 

Through this cost-effective analysis tool, you can quickly gain insights into the pulse of your organization and benchmark for comparison and trending purposes.

the process chain for delivering a survey
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